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Descendants of Ichabod Fouraker & Nancy Daugharty

Welcome to the official website of the Fouraker Family Reunion for the descendants of Ichabod Fouraker and Nancy Daugharty. Our reunion is held annually on the first Saturday in May. All are welcome to join us at the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church building at 1316 Woodpecker Route, Fargo, Georgia. No need to be invited, just check the website or our Facebook page for time & date to be sure before making the drive.

Fouraker Family History

Descendants of Captain James Walker & Nancy Fouraker

What we know of our family's history is the result of careful study by our beloved ancestor, Mary Harris, who served as family historian until her passing in 2015.


Articles, artifacts, books, photographs, recipes and more

In this section, you'll find miscellaneous items of interest relative to the Fouraker family. You can view scans of the Bethel Primitive Baptist Hymnal, Forum Magazine's Fall 2000 issue featuring our own Nancy Morgan, Abbie Harris Beck's My People, Families of Owen, Fowler, Harris, & Foreacre, and a Collection of True Family Stories, and much more. This is the place to find Fouraker artifacts which do not necessarily fit into the main categories of this website.