Newcomers Welcome

Friends & family are cordially invited to join us

We're so happy you decided to come, and we want to welcome you! Here's how a typical reunion goes:


The reunions are held annually on the first Saturday in May, usually at 11:00am. Be sure to check the website for updates and changes, and we encourage you to join our mailing list (on the home page) so we can keep in touch. For the technically inclined, we're also on Facebook, MySpace (haha), Twitter, & YouTube!


This is a 100% casual event, so please just dress comfortably!


Food - This is one of the biggest attractions, and you'll be treated to some real southern cooking and some original recipes! Most folks tend to bring homemade dishes, but all types of food are welcome. We provide plates, napkins, utensils, cups, ice, lemonade, and iced tea.

Folding Chairs - It's a good idea to bring folding chairs to sit in while enjoying some delicious food in the great outdoors. We meet inside the church building for about an hour or so prior to eating, and of course you're always welcome to sit in the pews & eat though most people like to eat outside. There are some benches, but they fill up fast!

Homemade Door Prizes - Prizes are given out for things like age, farthest travelled, most people in one car, and random drawings. Please don't feel obligated to bring anything, but if you do - we request the items be homemade so they have that special family touch! Past prizes have included everything from homemade pies & preserves to potted plants, birdhouses, and hand-painted coffee mugs. Be creative and have fun!

Pictures & Articles - If you have family pictures, documents, or other items you'd like to share we'd be grateful! We'll have a laptop and scanner at the reunions so you can share your precious family artifacts without having them leave your possession!

Donation - Absolutely not required, and you won't be frowned upon or scowled at for not donating! But if you're able, we typically put out one basket for building maintenence and one for cemetery upkeep, and any amount you might be able to contribute will be greatly appreciated. You can also securely donate to the reuion online using a credit or debit card, or even with PayPal by clicking here.


Although we loosely follow parliamentary procedure, the meeting is a very casual affair and most folks just speak up when they have something to say. Most reunions follow a pretty routine schedule.

We meet inside around the appointed time and begin with an opening prayer. We make sure everyone has a pre-numbered name tag, and the numbers are used later for door prize drawings. We then follow the age-old tradition of singing "Amazing Grace", which is usually led by a volunteer. Don't worry if you don't know the words - we have some Primitive Hymnals available or you can download the words here.

Then it's a quick read through the minutes of last year's reunion, discussions of old and new business, election of new officers, roll call, family news (births, deaths), doors prizes, closing prayer, and chow time! We usually have everyone put out the food they've brought, then someone gives thanks and we eat. That concludes the official business, after which you're invited to hang out as long as you'd like. People often walk through the cemetery, visit with relatives, toss a football or play frisbee. In 2015 we even had some amazing hands-on demonstrations & sales of traditional crafts - grinding corn into grits, making rugs from rags, woodworking, and more!

Occasionally someone might bring old family photos or documents to scan and share. Although our family historian, Mary Harris, passed away in 2015, we can usually help sort out who's who in the family tree!

The most important thing to realize is that when you come to the Fouraker Reunion, you're among family! Everybody here was once new, and we all want you feel welcome and have a great time so you'll return year after year!